Even though our website is undergoing a makeover, we didn’t want you to miss out on opportunities to learn and grow your business. If there’s a topic you’d like to see added to our list, email me.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes each with an additional 30 minutes for questions & interaction.

Options for these topics include: webinars (W), in-person seminars & workshops for groups (G), and individual trainings (O).

Consultations are also offered for the topics below and can be customized to your particular business need or questions.


  • Facebook for Business: An Overview (W/G/O)
    • An explanation of Facebook and the role it could/should play in the marketing of your business; who’s using it and how; plus we’ll talk about the algorithm and the impact it has on the reach of your posts.
  • Facebook Page Basics (W/G/O)
    • Make sure your business page is set up to get you the most traction possible. In this session we’ll cover all the basics and give you tips and suggestions for making the most of your Facebook presence.
  • Facebook Content Creation (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll talk about the types of posts that will engage your audience, where to find great things to share and how often you should be posting. We’ll cover techniques such as using Facebook “as your page” to interact with other businesses & organizations, scheduling posts and discuss Facebook’s the hierarchy of posts to increase the odds of your content being seen by your fans
  • Understanding Facebook Analytics (G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll cover the “back end” of Facebook – Insights. We’ll look at your fan demographics, posting schedule & effectiveness and learn what terms such as reach & engagement really mean. Discussion will include the Facebook Insights interface & dashboard.
  • Facebook Advertising 101 (G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of social advertising and explore the various advertising options available on Facebook including boosted posts, native ads as well as ads for gaining likes.


  • Instagram for Business – An Overview (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of Instagram, how it works, who’s using it and why. We’ll explain hashtags and discuss how to use photos to promote and grow your business on Instagram even if you don’t think you’re business is “photo-friendly.”
  • Instagram Business Account Basics (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll walk through how your account is set up, review your notifications and all your settings for maximum impact. If needed, we’ll convert your personal account to a business account and discuss how to increase your followers.
  • Instagram Content Creation (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll get into the weeds about content. What should you post, how often and the best times of day/week. We’ll review contests, interactions, stories and Instagram Live with tips and suggestions to use your time and voice effectively to increase your audience.
  • Understanding Instagram Analytics (G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll walk through your analytics, explain how they work and why they’re important to help you understand the performance of your posts and your account as a whole.
  • Instagram Advertising 101 (G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll explain Instagram ads and how much they cost. We’ll discuss the different types of ads available and offer tips and suggestions for how to choose the best ad type.


  • Google for Business: An Overview (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll discuss FREE Google tools such as Google My Business, Google Analytics & Google Alerts. We’ll also provide an overview of search engine optimization and the impact it can have on your website traffic.
  • Using Google My Business (W/G/O)
    • In this session, we’ll explain the marketing value of using Google My Business and walk you through setting up/cleaning up your account, optimizing your listing plus we’ll discuss the difference between GMB and Google Places.

Intro to Twitter (W/G/O)

    • In this session, we’ll discuss all the Twitter basics including how it works, commonly-used terminology, best practices and give you examples of how and what to tweet to your customer base.

LinkedIn 101: The Basics (W/G/O)

    • In this session, you’ll learn how to create and/or strengthen your profile, develop new business relationships & meet potential new customers; we’ll cover how to best connect with people (and how not to); and, tools on LinkedIn to promote you and your business.

Marketing During a Recession (W/G)

    • In this session, we’ll cover 10 things your business should be doing right now. These tips, suggestions and advice will help you manage your message, and learn new ways to maintain & grow your business.

Digital Marketing 101 (W/G/O)

    • In this session, we’ll review the top social networks, discuss how they work and who’s using them plus provide some tips to make sure your marketing efforts are effective. We’ll talk about knowing your customer and the importance of content and message, plus we’ll cover several digital marketing options and discuss what might (and might not) work to promote your business.

Social Media 101 (W/G/O)

    • In this session, we’ll review the top social networks, discuss how they work and who’s using them. We’ll talk about which ones are right for your business based on YOUR customers, and prioritize their use.

Email Marketing: The Basics (W/G/O)

    • In this session, we’ll examine the pros and cons of e-mail marketing, discuss the various methods to obtain email addresses, and share valuable tips and techniques to get the most out of each campaign. We’ll review a few email marketing services and discuss which one best fits your needs.

Websites 101 (W/G/O)

    • In this session, you’ll learn specific tips for picking and buying a url, what types of information your customers want & the importance of easy website navigation. This non-techie guide to creating and maintaining an effective website is geared toward business owners who are either getting started with their first website or have an existing website that they would like to improve.

Podcasting 101 (W/G/O)

    • In this session, you’ll learn what a podcast is, who listens to them and why. We’ll talk about how to listen – whether it’s on your phone or a computer – and even subscribe you to a few podcasts to get you started. So, grab your phone, bring your questions and your best radio voice because who knows, we might just record a podcast during the session!

Marketing on a Shoestring (W/G)

    • In this session, we’ll discuss how to get the most bang for your budget and share effective, low-cost or no-cost options to successfully promote your business. You’ll gain some insight into what has worked, what hasn’t and why, plus we’ll share ideas for marketing your business on a minimal budget.

Top Tools to Simplify Your Life (W/G)

    • Staying on top of things is hard – maintaining your calendar, updating your social networks, keeping track of client notes, grocery shopping, traffic updates, photo sharing and more. In this session, we’ll review several apps that we use every day and discuss how they can simplify your daily tasks, sync with your computers and just make your life a little easier. We’ll cover apps for business, apps for social media and a few apps for personal tasks too!

Marketing Matters Series (Reserved for organizations & groups)

  • Marketing Matters: Content
  • Marketing Matters: Video
  • Marketing Matters: Branding
  • Marketing Matters: Social Media